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Suncatcher Bird Cages, Bird Aviaries, Indoor Bird Cages, Outdoor Bird Aviaries

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Suncatcher Stainless Steel Bird Cages Now Available!

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Suncatcher Large Walk In Bird Aviaries 

Welcome to our beautiful line of Suncatcher indoor and outdoor bird enclosures. Since our beginning we have been dedicated to providing pet owners and commercial breeders alike with attractive, quality environments for their pets and livestock at affordable prices. We definitely believe that more is better when it comes to cubic footage for animal environments.  You will not find a more attractive, versatile, spacious, or quality outdoor bird aviary anywhere else!

These huge walk-in friendly bird aviaries come in two different wire gauges and sizes, are made of solid powder coated wire, are weather-resistant and easy to assemble! You and your feathered flock will love the features our Suncatcher birdcages have, such as safety catches (for your outdoor aviary), connectable sectionals (outdoor bird cages), stainless steel rotating feeders or Friendly Feeders (for each indoor and outdoor large bird aviary), and taller, larger, outdoor bird cage sizes offered at an even more affordable price! We even have huge double and triple bird aviary configurations! GREAT FOR BIRDS, REPTILES, AND SMALL ANIMALS! 

There are many special offers we are including with these large cages, such as FREE SHIPPING.

Outdoor Bird Cages
Huge outdoor aviaries for your birds. The most affordable outdoor bird cages you've ever seen! How much simpler would your life be if your cage cleaning chores were cut by up to 80 percent? Our modular outdoor aviaries will do that for you and more, even if your pets are outside for only a few hours each day.

They easily sit on existing decks, slabs, or inexpensive pavers from your local home improvement store. Our large entry doors make it easy for you to insert perches, formable ropes or even playstands.

Four Foot Diameter Designer Outdoor Birdcage, Walk-in Bird Aviary
Suncatcher Five Foot Diameter Outdoor Birdcage Six Foot Diameter Suncatcher Outdoor Garden Bird Aviary Suncatcher Six Foot Outdoor Garden Bird Aviary With Safety Catch Eight Foot Diameter Suncatcher Outdoor Garden Bird Aviary Suncatcher Eight Foot Diameter Outdoor Garden Bird Aviary
Four Foot Diameter Designer Outdoor Bird Cage Five Foot Diameter Designer Outdoor Bird Cage Six Foot Diameter Garden Outdoor Bird Aviary Six Foot Diameter Garden Outdoor Bird Aviary with Single Safety Catch Eight Foot Diameter Garden Outdoor Bird Aviary Eight Foot Diameter Garden Outdoor Bird Aviary with Single Safety Catch
starting at $1499.95  starting at $1799.00  starting at $2374.95  starting at $3249.95  starting at $2974.95  starting at $3849.95


Indoor Bird Cages
Beautiful, elegant indoor bird cages for your feathered friends. You’ll notice that most of our “same size” cages for the indoor and the outdoor applications are the same cage, with only the floor kit added or not. This is because it makes it easier for customers to sometimes use the same cage for outdoor usage during warm months, and then inside during the colder months; possibly in a basement, garage, or spare room.

Usually, the bottom substrate (other than newspaper) will last a month or more with regular sifting before needing to be totally changed out. So, even though regular maintenance is required, you’ll notice a vast improvement in the amount of time required to clean compared to conventional style cages. 

Four foot diameter Suncatcher Indoor Birdcage Five foot designer indoor Suncatcher birdcage  Suncatcher six foot diameter indoor bird aviary  Suncatcher Eight Foot Diameter Indoor Bird Aviary  Sectional Indoor Suncatcher bird aviary  Suncatcher divided indoor bird cage
Four Foot Diameter Indoor Bird Aviary Five Foot Diameter Indoor Bird Aviary Six Foot Diameter Indoor Bird Aviary Eight Foot Diameter Indoor Bird Aviary 5 x 7.5 Sectional Cage - Indoor Bird Aviary 5 x 7.5 Sectional Cage - Divided Indoor Bird Aviary
starting at $1699.00  starting at $1999.00  starting at $2675.90  starting at $3350.90  starting at $2950.90  starting at $3463.90


Sectional Bird Cages  
Functional and affordable indoor and outdoor sectional aviaries. Divided or standard, floor kits and roof kits available. All of our cage designs are originals and are patented or patent pending. Our cages are made according to our specifications derived from many years of experience. The various parts are powder-coated with UV protected, non-toxic material for a beautiful textured furniture-like appearance.  And all our standard cage models come with heavy solid metal roofing affording protection from harsh noon day sun and other elements.

Suncatcher Sectional Indoor Birdcage

5x8 Suncatcher Outdoor Bird Aviary  Divided Indoor 5x8 Sectional Suncatcher Large Bird Aviary  Divided Outdoor Suncatcher Large Bird Aviary  Suncatcher 10x12 Outdoor Large Flight Bird Aviary    
5 x 7.5 Sectional Cage - Indoor Large Bird Aviary 5 x 7.5 Sectional Cage - Basic Outdoor Large Bird Aviary 5 x 7.5 Sectional Cage - Divided Indoor Large Bird Aviary 5 x 7.5 Sectional Cage - Divided Outdoor Large Bird Aviary 10 X 12.5 Ft. Flight Outdoor Large Aviary    
starting at $2950.90 starting at $2499.95  starting at $3463.90  starting at $3012.95  starting at $4737.95    


Double / Triple Wide Bird Cages 
Beautiful twin and triple aviaries. The ultimate back yard cage! More and more veterinarians and pet bird behaviorists are starting to teach something that we've known for years. And that simple truth is that it is exceedingly healthy for your pets and especially birds to have an outdoor environment that they can live and thrive in for at least regular periods each day.  In many, many cases disturbing and undesirable traits like feather picking and excessive screaming have been minimized or have even totally disappeared after pets were provided with outdoor time each day.  We have found that length of time is not as important as regularity.  We have many testimonials to this fact.

 Suncatcher Twin Six Foot Diameter Garden Bird Aviaries with Double Safety Catch

Triple Outdoor Garden Bird Aviary          
Twin Six Foot Diameter Garden Bird Aviaries with Double Safety Catch Triple Garden Bird Aviary Configuration          
starting at $5562.95 starting at $9350.75          


Cage Features 

Walk-In Friendly

Safety Catches

Patented Feeders

 Walk-in Friendly Outdoor Bird Aviaries

 Suncatcher Bird Aviary Safety Catches

 Suncatcher Aviary Rotating Feeders, Bird Feeders Suncatcher Friendly Feeders, Bird Feeders

Walk-in access allows for easy cleaning in our outdoor bird cages, and unlimited access to your birds. Huge open designs allow you to be in the cage for an extended period of time, with room even for furniture so you can spend quality time interacting with your birds.

Add floor kits to any outdoor Suncatcher bird aviary and use the same cage inside during the colder months, or purchase without the grate, trays, and casters to create a walk-in virtually maintenance free outdoor cage environment!

Our single and double safety catches are designed to bolt up to almost all of our aviaries to allow you to walk into your cage and shut the safety door behind you before opening the main door, or to connect two or more aviaries together to create a wonderful playground for your pets.


Our Rotating Feeder Station (above left) allows for easy access to three Stainless Steel, 16 oz. food bowls from the outside. Extremely useful for flighted birds or when housing a colony, especially if you do not have a safety catch. Mounts on any of our aviary panels, and bowls are securely held in place. Lockable.

Friendly Feeders® (above right) also prevent escape when feeding, and externally mounted to eliminate waste and cross contamination of food and water. Easy to clean and extremely durable, Friendly Feeders® stand up to even large destructive birds such as Macaws! Simply slide out the dish from the outside of the cage to replenish food, water or treats. Dishwasher safe!


 Two Wire Sizes & Gauges

Sturdy Welded Construction

 Modular & Expandable

 Suncatcher Bird Cage Wire Gauge Sizes

Suncatcher Bird Aviary Panel Hinges

Suncatcher Sectional Bird Aviaries Breeding System Cages 

Suncatcher cages wire mesh is welded, powder coated steel. The wire panels are framed with 1" square wrought iron tubing, hand welded to the wire mesh panel. This eliminates areas of potential toe impingement or worse, since there are no areas for your pet to possible get stuck in... not to mention far cleaner since there is no cavity for animal debris to collect. 12 gauge is our standard size or you can upgrade to our 8 gauge heavy duty wire for strong beaked birds such as Macaws and Cockatoos.

Individual panels on Suncatcher aviaries are attached to each other using male/female welded hinges (shown above)... not flimsy hog rings. These are useless for securing panels in our opinion because they are so easy for even small parrots to remove. They are also dangerous because they provide another area for toe nails or leg bands to get caught in.

Infinitely expandable, our Suncatcher cages can be added to or removed from at any time to make dual or even multiple enclosures, or to add extra room for your flock as it grows. Add a safety catch to almost all our cages to connect multiple enclosures together to make one-of-a-kind amazing backyard habitats for your birds.  Click here to view some examples of our Suncatcher aviaries with attached safety catches.

NEW!!! SunCATcher Outdoor Cat Enclosures!

SunCATcher outdoow walk-in cat cages, cat condos

Finally...  your indoor cat can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors!  Our revolutionary SunCATcher Outdoor Cat Enclosures allow your cat to come and go outside as it pleases and bask in the sun's natural rays without the fear of escape! 

Walk-in friendly, lockable and durable, our Outdoor Cat Enclosures will allow you and your pets to bask together in the sun on your patio, deck or anywhere near a window without fear of escape or danger, and with plenty of room to play and explore the great outdoors!  Complete Packages come with everything your cat will need to bask in the sun with solid cedar shelves, plush cat trees, catwalks, Friendly Feeders for food, water and treats, and connector kits to make your SunCATcher Enclosure an outdoor paradise for your furry felines!

A great addition to any home, our SunCATcher Outdoor Cat Enclosures will be a treat for you and your cats for years to come.

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