Lizard Cages
Some lizards are desert creatures. They thrive in a hot, dry environment. As a result, you should provide your pet with lizard cages that mirror their natural environment. The reptile enclosures should be warm and dry with little condensation.

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Large reptile cages can be especially challenging to keep warm, simply because there is so much space. However, a simple light fixture or heating device can solve this problem. While it’s easy to fill your reptile cage with heat, the bigger issues is keeping the warmth inside the lizard cages and keeping moisture and cold air out.
Lizard Cages that Keep the Heat in & The Moisture Out
There are many lizard cages to choose from. If you visit a pet shop, or online store you will undoubtedly find various options—anything from a large reptile cage to a small terrarium. However, the lizard cages offered by Cages By Design are the perfect choice.

These large reptile cages have an aluminum interior, which protects against moisture. The amazing thing is, all of the Majestic & Hybrid lizard cages have this feature. This includes furniture style reptile cages, and sectional cages. Not only does the aluminum frame keep the cage dry and warm, it also protects your lizard cages from rust and corrosion.