Chinese Water Dragon Cage

Setting up your Chinese water dragon cage is a lot like decorating your first house or landscaping your first yard. You want it to be perfect. But at the same time you want it to have a natural look and feel.

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In order to maximize the visual appeal of your Chinese water dragon cage or gecko cage, choose an attractive dragon cage to begin with. Sure, you can always make unattractive gecko cages look more appealing, but it takes a lot of work. And you’ll never achieve a true sense of class or style. Ideally, you should purchase a Chinese water dragon cage from a reputable manufacturer who produces superior designs—such as Cages By Design. If you are looking for a gecko cage or a dragon cage that really catches your eye, check out our Majestic reptile cages.

 Each Chinese water dragon cage is handcrafted and careful sanded by our expert craftsman. Every corner and edge is carefully examined to make sure it is smooth and free from splinters. The frames are made from solid oak, although you can request maple or cherry wood for your gecko cages.

You can also enhance your Chinese water dragon cage by adding decorative legs, a fancy crown or a custom background. The options are endless. And you will be thrilled with the final product. You won’t be able to find a more attractive gecko cage or dragon cage than the Majestic cages.


Sprucing Up Your Chinese Water Dragon Cage

Plants are a great way to liven up your Chinese water dragon cage or gecko cages. They are exceptionally attractive and will make your dragon cage look more natural. You can choose to use live plants or artificial ones. If you choose to use real plants, make sure they are not poisonous to your pets. It is also a good idea to rinse them off to remove any pesticides before placing them in your Chinese water dragon cage or gecko cage.


Cages By Design offers a variety of artificial plants and vines at a reasonable price. In fact, these plants look so authentic you may think they are the real deal!